About Us


This website has come about as a result of a sudden desire around April/May 2005 to find out more about my family.

The site has now undergone a re-design and I appologise to all those who have found this site of some use in the past and have not been able to access it during the last year or so. You will also notice that the site has a new name but ultimately the content is much the same as before with some more recent additions to that content as I have found out more information about some of the family.

The content of this site is information that over the few years that I have been involved in researching is about the Barnecutt and Gover families and some of the families related to them. They are all for the most part in some way related to me, excepting a couple of lines in the Barnecutt family where I have as yet been unable to determine the link between those and the line that I am in.

During the early part of my research in fact within the first 6/7 months I was extremely fortunate to find what proved to be some invaluable sources of information.

 The first concerned my maternal line the Gover family. Through a contact made on Genes Reunited. This contact provided me with information on a great number of the Gover family all the way back to 1675. For this I will forever be indebted to Sue Gover.

The second was a little while after I had joined the Cornwall Family History Society.  Out of the blue I receved a letter from a Marilyn and Doug Henshaw who after an exchange of correspondence put me in touch with Theodore (Ted) Barnecut.  This contact as with the one for my maternal line provided me with invaluable information on my paternal line the Barnecutts. As with Sue above I will be forever indebted to Marilyn, Doug and Ted for the information provided.

Over the years I have also received various pieces of information from a number of different people, my thanks also goes to them.

As always the information contained on these pages is as accurate as possible, but if you find anything that might not be quite right please contact me and I will rectify the errors as soon as possible. You will find contact details on each of the family pages.

I have been making a few changes this year hopefully for the better. As it has started to get more difficult to find those in my direct ancestral line I have been diversifying into research of those families who are related by marriage i.e. aunts and female cousins. As such you will find on most pages a link titled Related. What page you are directed to will depend on whether yo have been looking at my Paternal or Maternal line. On the Maternal line the main family names are Gover or Barber or Bridger or Cussell or Marshallsay or Passells or Stalder or Varney. On the Paternal line the main family names are Barnecutt, Body, Daddow, Hill, Libby, Mutton, Prynn, Sings, Warn and Willington.

Adrian Barnecutt October 2019