Frederick Oscar BARNECUTT

367. Frederick Oscar BARNECUTT, son of George BARNECUTT and Catherine MUTTON, was born on 21 May 1883 in North Street, Tywardreath, Fowey, St Austell, Cornwall, England.

Frederick O appeared in the census on 5 April 1891 aged 8. At this time, he was a Scholar. He was living with his mother Catherine [48] in Station Road, Tywardreath.  Living with them was his brother Earnest [14] a Painters Apprentice and cousin Bessie [2].

During the census on 31 March 1901 Frederick O [18] whose occupation was Pupil Teacher (Bd Schs) was living with his mother Catherine [57] in Station Road, Tywardreath.

From the Royal Cornwall Gazette October 11 1906:
TYWARDREATH V NANPEAN ROVERS - At Nanpean on Saturday. From the start the "Towers" pressed, and after a few minutes E. T. Ellory scored. The homesters scarcely crossed the half-way line and goals were scored by Barnecutt, G. Luxon, and A. S. Ellory, and the teams crossed over with the score - "Towers," 4: Nanpean, 0. In the second half, against the wind the visitors showed by far the better football, keeping the ball low, and indulging in short passing. This proved to be very effective, completely baffling the homesters' defence. Four goals were added by A. S. Ellory, F. O. Barnecutt (2), and Vincent. Just before time the home team scored with a high dropping shot, and time was called with the score - Tywardreath, 8; Nanpean Rovers, 1. It would be a good thing writes a correspondent, if clubs would endeavour to obtain official referees. If they did many of the petty quarrels which at present occur would not mar the pleasure of the game, nor would fouls be so frequent.

From the West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser September 19 1907:
A record season has just been terminated, in which the club played 14 matches, 10 of which have been won, 2 drawn and 2 lost. The two drawn games were played with St. Austell, the first being distinctly in favour of the opponents, and the latter vice verssa. The matches lost were against Lanhydrock (County League) and St. Columb. In all, the Club scored 1,566 runs for 113 wickets, againts 1,080 for 125 wickets. A record score of 351 was made in record time ( 1 hour 45 minutes) against Depot D,C,L.L., at Lanhydrock. In this match S. Harvey made 118 runs, the highest individual score since the club has been in existence. The club record for the highest "first wicket stand" was made by Mr. F. O. Barnecutt and W. G. Harvey; the total being 94, against St. Austell at Barn Park. The "Towers" debut in the Cornwall County League proved very disappointing. Picked against Lanhydrock away from home, they fell to pieces against the bowling of J. Hawken.

From the Royal Cornwall Gazette March 4 1909:

Mr. Barnecutt will be succeeded at the Boys' School by Mr. Hubert T, Harry as assistant teacher.
Mr. F. O. Barnecutt, who has been connected with the Boys' School as a teacher in the various grades for the last ten years, is, to the regret of all who are intimately acquainted with his work, leaving to take up an appointment as certified assistant at the Bodmin Boys' Council School. Mr. Barnecutt has, for several years, been associated with the various athletic clubs and kindred societies of the neighbourhood, where his sportsmanlike bearing has always won the esteem of all concerned, and the neighbourhood is to be congratulated that he is not entirely severing his connection with the locality.

Fred appeared in the census on 2 April 1911 aged 37 who was a Certified Assistant Schoolmaster. He was living at 26 North Street, Tywardreath with his sister in law Lillie [37] and her children Lillian [16] a Dressmakers Apprentice, Terence [12], Hazel [11] and Harry [7] who were all at School.

On 29 September 1939 Frederick O who was a Certified Teacher was living at 34 North Street, Tywardreath, St Austell U.D., Cornwall. Living with him was sister in law Lillie whose occupation was Unpaid Domestic Duties and Renne L Frost a Ledger Clerk.

Frederick Oscar died on 16 August 1949 in St Lawrence’s Hospital, Bodmin, Cornwall, England. The cause of death was I (a) Cerebral haemorrhage (b) Chronic Myocarditis II Diabetes Mellitas. He was aged 66. Frederick was buried in the Tywardreath Cemetery.