The Barnecutt Family

A Family History

Charles Stanley Barnecutt

Was born in North Street, Tywardreath on 25th May 1904. His mother registered the birth and the Registrar was Annie Rundell. At the time of his birth his father Joseph Thomas was a Gardener (Domestic)

During the census of 1911 Charles Stanley [6] was living at 40 North Street, Tywardreath with his mother Mary [43] a widow and siblings Myra [21], George [19], Ellen [15], Thomas [13], Richard [12], Joseph [9] and John [5].

Charles seems to be a little bit elusive at the moment. I have managed to find the record of his birth and there is the above entry in the 1911 census, apart from that he seems to have disappeared - if there is anyone out there who may be able to shed more light on him I would be most grateful to hear.

Family Connections


Joseph Thomas Barnecutt

Mary Ellen Williams Prynn