The Olver Family

A Family History

Ella Olver

Was born on 30 April 1864 in Beach Lake, Wayne, Pennsylvania, United States.

On the 6th day of July 1870 Ellen [5] was living with her parents Edmond [49] a Farmer and Eliza [44] Keeping house and siblings Edmund [20] a Farm Labourer, Eliza A [15], Emma [11], Frank [10], Matthew [8] and John [2] in Berlin Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania, United States.

On June 3rd 1880 Ella A [15] was living with his parents Edmond [59] a Farmer and Eliza [54] Keeping House and siblings Edmond A [30] a Farmer, Eliza A [25], Emma L [21], Frank S [20], Matthew H [17] and John M [12] in Berlin, Wayne, Pennsylvania, United States.

Ellen married a David K BRINK.

David K BRINK - was born on February 22nd 1872 in Tannersville, Pennsylvania, United States.

On 20th April 1910 David [38] a Laborer in a Mine and Ella [45] were living in Electric Street, Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania with their daughter Helena L [1 month]. Also with them was a niece Emily Williams [17].

On April 5th 1930 David K [58] a Laborer in a Dairybarn and Ella [65] were living at 92 Abington Road, Clarks Green, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA with their daughter Helena [20].

David K died on June 13th 1935 at the agfe of 63 years 3 months 20 days in Dalton Borough, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA. Cause of death was Cardiovascular, Renal disease, Hypertension & Myocardial failure. He was buried on June 15th in the Clarks Green Cemetery, Lackawanna.

Ella died on November 21st 1944 in Scranton State Hospital, Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA. Cause of death was Hypostatic pneumonia. She was buried in the Clarks Green Cemetery, Lackawanna on November 24th.

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Edmund Olver

Eliza Stevens

David's parents as yet unknown


Helena L