The Gover Family

A Family History

Edmund Gover

Was born abot 1830. He was baptised on 2nd January 1831 at St Thomas - the parish church of Bedhampton.

St Thomas' Bedhampton

During the 1841 census Edmund/Edward [10] was living with his parents and five siblings in Bedhampton near Havant, Hampshire.

In the census on the 30th March 1851 Edmund [21] was at Bedhampton Mill his occupation was given as SERVANT FOOTMAN.

Edmund married Ann NEWELL on 31st December 1853 in St Faiths Church, Havant.

St Faiths Havant

Ann NEWELL was born in Warblington round about 1820. She was baptised in the Parish of  Warblington in the County of Southampton on 2nd July 1820 by Wm. Norris Curate.

Ann had a son by the name of Edward. He was born in 1842 and baptised in the Parish of Warblington in the County of Southampton on 4th September 1842.

Edward married an Elizabeth SMITH on12 September 1872 in St Faiths Church, Havant. His father was originally named as Ann (his mother) but this was crossed through as well as the word Father, and James inserted instead. His occupation was Carpenter and the witnesses were James Smith, Jane Davey, Annie Smith and Mary Mitchell.

In the census on 30th March 1851 Ann [29] was at Bedhampton Mill her occupation was given as SERVANT COOK.

In the census of 1861 and 1871 Edmunds occupation was given as GROCER and he was living in West Street, Havant with his wife and in 1861 his son-in-law Edward Newell, who is listed as his Stepson in 1871.

The following article appeared in the Hampshire Telegraph on 10th September 1870:


THURSDAY.-Before W.H. Stone, Esq, M.P., Admiral O'Callaghan, and Captain Packenham.

NEGLECTING TO WEIGH BREAD.-Ebenezer Ford, George Green, James Marshall and Edmund Gover, bakers were summoned on information of Mr. Superintendant Drew for selling bread, the same not having been weighed.- The cases were tried separately, that of Ford being taken first.-John Platt deposed that on Saturday, the 20th ult., he went into the baker's shop kept by Mr. Ford, and asked for a large loaf. It was given him by the assistant Jones, and it was not weighed previously.-Mr. Superintendant Drew deposed that the last witness brought the loaf to him on Saturday, the 20th ult. He weighed it and found it one ounce and seven drams deficient.-The defendant, whoa has previuosly been convicted of a similar offence, was ordered to pay a fine of 40s, and the costs, 9s 6d. The money was paid.-Edmund Gover was charged with a similar offence.-George Platt deposed tha on the 20th ult, he went into the defendant's shop and asked for a small loaf. It was given him without being weighed. He handed to Mr. Superintendant Drew, and on being weighed it was found one ounce and two drachms deficient.-The defendant said Platt had obtained the loaf in a very unfair way. He came into the shop, took up the loaf, paid the money, and went away, giving him (defendant) no time to weight it.-Ordered to pay a fine 0f 10s. and 9s. 6d. costs.-George Green was summoned for a similar offence.-On this occasion P.C. Hawkins, of the Hants Constabulary, went into his shop and asked for a quart loaf. This also being given him without being weighed. He was present when it was weighed by Mr. Superintendant Drew, and it was deficient 15 drachms.-The bench ordered defendant to pay a similar fine to the previous case, with the costs.-John Marshall was summoned for a like offence.-P.C. Hawkins, on the 20th ult, went into defendant's shop, asked for a half gallon loaf, and it was given to him without being previously weighed. When weighed at the police-station it was found to be deficient 3 ounces and 14 drachms.-Defendant was ordered to pay a fine of 40.s and the costs, a similar conviction having been proved.

In the census of 3rd April 1881 Edmunds occupation was given as BAKER and DAIRYMAN, still at West Street, Havant - this time with his wife and grandaughter Elizabeth AS Newell.

Ann wife of Edmund Gover, Grocer died on 3rd January 1890 at the age of 69 of Gastric derangement 5days, Chronic heart disease certified by William Bannister MRCS in West Street, Havant, in the Sub-District of Havant in the County of Southampton. Edward Newell her son from a previous marriage was the Informant and Ernest Bryan was the Registrar.

In the 1891 census Edmund is listed as a widower, his occupation is once more given as GROCER and he is still in West Street, Havant - this time with 3 granddaughters, a grandson and a servant.

Edmund a Baker and Grocer (Master) died aged 68 years on the 16th February 1899 in West Street, Havant in the County of Southampton. The cause of death was Mitial disease of heart and Hypostatic congestion of the lungs. EAS Newell his step Grand Daughter was the informant and Ernest Bryan the Registrar.

Appearing in the Hampshire Telegraph on the 27th February in the Death notice section:

GOVER-On the 16th inst., at West-street, Havant, Edmund Gover, in his 69th year.

Advertisemnt appearing in the Hampshire Telegraph on 13th May 1899:



MESSRS. WYATT & SON, at the "BEAR" Hotel, Havant, on Tuesday May 23rd 1899, at four o'clock precisely, by directions of the Trustees of the Will of the late Mr.Edmund Gover.-The very desirable Freehold Grocer's and Provison Shop and Bakehouse with Dwelling House, being


With cart-way entrance from the street, and stores, with garden at back, the whole being in hand. Early possesion will be given.

Also Four Freehold Houses in


Being Nos. 2, 3,4, and 5, each containing five rooms, with gardens at back: let to Messrs. G.King, G. Parvin, E. Jacks, and Mrs. Burt as weekly tenants, at rentals amounting to £41 12s. per annum, the landlord paying the rates and the taxes.

The property may be viewed on application to the tenants, and particulars with condition of sale obtained of E.R. Longcroft, Esq., Solicitor, Havant: at "Bear" and "Star" Hotels, Havant; and of Messrs. Wyatt and Son, Auctioneers, Valuers, Estate and Insurance Agents, East-street, Chichester.


An article that appeared in the Hampshire Telegraph on 27th May 1899:


MESSRS. WYATT and SON conducted a sale of local property at the Bear Hotel, on Tuesday. A freehold grocer's and provisions shop, and bake-house, with dwelling-house, in West-street, the property of the late Mr. Edmund Gover, realised £500. Four freehold properties in Staunton-road, Havant, forming part of the same estate, and producing a total rental of £41 12s., were sold in two lots. The first two fetched £260, and the second lot was run up to £305, at which price they were sold.

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