The Colebrook Family

A Family History

Charlotte Colebrook

Was born about 1856 and was baptised on September 14th of that year at St Peters Church, North Hayling in the County of Southampton.

On 5th April 1891 Charlotte [35] was living at Cottage, Main Road, North Hayling, Havant, Hampshire with his parents Edward [72] a Cow Keeper and Harriet [70]  and brother Edward [40] a General Labourer.

During the 1901 census on March 31st Charlotte [45] a Dairy Proprietorwas living with her mother  Harriet [80] and neice Gertrude Stockbred [13] in Stoke, North Hayling, Havant, Hampshire.

It is possible that Charlotte died in 1922.

Family Connections


Edmund Colebrook

Harriet Fay