The Treleaven Family

A Family History

Arthur John Treleaven

Was born about 1879 in the Portsea area.

On 3rd April 1881 Alfred J [2] was living with his parents Henry W [33] a Captain of Steam Launch (Seaman) and Emma [31] were living at White Ship Ferrol Buildings, Alverstoke with his siblings Emma [13], Henry W [11], Kate M [6], Rose A [4], and Alfred E [3]. Also in the household was visitor Eliza Tout [14].

Arthur married a Helen L FLOWER during 1920 in the Alverstoke area.

Helen L FLOWER - was born about 1877 in the Alverstoke area. (Note: Flower may not be her maiden name).

Arthur died during 3rd quarter of 1939 in the Gosport registration district.

Family Connections


Henry  William Treleaven

Emma Passells