The Treleaven Family

A Family History

Emma Treleaven

Was born on 30th May 1867 in Portsea.

On 3rd April 1881 Emma [13] was living with her parents Henry W [33] a Captain of Steam Launch (Seaman) and Emma [31] were living at White Ship Ferrol Buildings, Alverstoke with her siblings Henry W [11], Kate M [6], Rose A [4], Alfred E [3] and Alfred J [2]. Also in the household was visitor Eliza Tout [14].

Emma married an Alfred DOWNTON on 13th October 1891 in St Matthews Church, Gosport in the County of Southampton. Alfred Ernest and Rosina Alice Treleaven were the witnesses to the marriage.

Alfred DOWNTON - was born on 11th December 1858 and was baptised in the Alverstoke District at St Johns Church, Forton in the County of Southampton on 2 January 1859.

On 31st March 1901 Alfred [42] an Engineer Mariner and Emma [34] were living at 148 Queens Road, Alverstoke, Hampshire with their children Alfred A [8], Edward [6] and Violet C [5].

During the 1911 census on 2nd April Alfred [52] a Ships Engine Driver and Emma [42] were still living at 148 Queens Road with their children Alfred [18] a Gas Fitter Apprentice, Edward [16] also a Gas Fitter Apprentice and Violet [15] a Shop Assistant.

Alfred died during 1835 aged 76 years.

On 29th September 1939 now a widow Emma - Unpaid Domestic Duties - was still living at 148 Queens Road, this time just with her son Edward - Skilled Labourer.

Emma died during 1942 aged 73 years.

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