The Gover Family

A Family History

The Govers so far

Below is a list of all the Gover family members for whom I have details in hopefully chronological order. By clicking on a name you will be taken to a page with all the current information that I have available for that person. From that page you will be able to link to details of their children and in some cases details of their spouses family, there is also a link back to each persons father and in some cases mother.

As far as I am aware all of the people in the list below can trace their ancestry back to Thomas Gover born around 1675 in Fareham, Hampshire - the first in the list.

I have used the following convention throughout the site:

 Those people whose names are in bold Red text on their individual page I believe are those in my direct ancestral line.

Thomas Gover 1675 John Gover 1698 Edward Gover 1701
Arthur Gover 1703 Richard Gover 1705 Steven Gover 1708
Sarah Gover 1710 Arthur Gover 1712 John Gover 1753
William Gover 1757    
George Gover 1789 Arthur Gover 1790 Marianna Gover 1793
Harriot Gover 1795 Caroline Gover 1797 Eliza Gover 1803
George Gover 1814 Henry Hammet Gover 1816 Harriet Gover 1817
Eliza Gover 1819 William Gover 1819 Tamsinna Gover 1821
John Gover 1821 Jane Gover 1822 Charles Gover 1823
Frederick Gover 1824 Arthur Gover 1826 Elizabeth Jane Gover 1826
Alfred Gover 1828 Mary Gover 1828 Edmund Gover 1831
Sarah Ann Gover 1833 Elizabeth Gover 1835 Alfred Gover 1847
    Edmund Gover 1850
Emily Gover 1852 Jane Elizabeth Gover 1853 Alfred Gover 1854
William Gover 1857 Elizabeth Gover 1860 Elfrida Eliza Gover 1860
Sarah Ann Gover 1863 Mary Ann Gover 1863 Mary Louisa Lucy Gover 1866
Edward Gover 1866 Arthur Gover 1871 Elizabeth Ellen Gover 1876
Sarah Maria Gover 1878 Annie Louisa Gover 1880 William Gover 1880
Arthur Gover 1882 Alfred Gover 1884 William Arthur Gover 1885
Emma Eliza Gover 1888 Albert Gover 1889 Edward Gover 1889
Lilian Maud Gover 1889 James Ernest 1890 Arthur Gover 1891
Frederick Gover 1892 Albert Frederick Gover 1893 John Edmund Gover 1895
Henry Percival Gover 1896 George Jacob Gover 1898 Albert Richard Gover 1899
Ann Blanch Gover 1901 Maida Melinda May Gover 1903 William Frederick Gover 1904
Arthur Reginald Gover 1905 Percy Albert Gover 1906 Violet May Gover 1907
William Gover 1906 Dorothy Irene Gover 1909 Henry Gover 1909
Arthur R Gover 1911 Irene Myrtle Gover 1915 Adelaide Ivy Gover 1916
Alfred R Gover 1916 Albert Gover 1923 Ernest Frank Gover 1924
Phyllis Irene Gover 1924 Sidney George Gover 1926  

Gover name meaning

Recorded in the modern spellings as Gover and Govier, this is an English surname. It appears to have a French ancestry, but there is little evidence to support this suggestion, although the French Huguenot refugees of the early 18th century called Gavre, and believed to have transposed their spelling to Gover. Long before this date and throughout the recorded surname history the name has appeared in the spelling of Gofiar and Gover, whilst the spelling form as Govier is specifically found in the South West of England and especially the Taunton to Exeter region. The origination is from the medieval English phrase "go fairly", and as such probably describes a messenger or herald, one who moved easily around the country. The probable "occupation" is at least partly confirmed by the earliest recording shown below. Surviving late medieval church recordings include: John Gover, whose son also called John, was christened at St Margarets Westminster, on May 3rd 1547, and Andrew Govier, who married Annes Bowne on July 18th 1560, at St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton, in the county of Somerset. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Richard le Gofiar. This was dated 1327, in the "Subsidy Rolls" of Somerset, during the reign of King Edward 111rd of England, 1327 - 1377.