The Marshallsay Family

A Family History

The Marshallsays so far

The pages in this section of the web site contain information about the Marshallsay family.

Marshallsay was my maternal grandmothers maiden name. At present I only have information back to 1782 - Benjamin Marshalsay who is one of my 4x great grandfathers.

I have used the following convention throughout the site:

Red text - those people I believe are in my direct ancestral line.

Benjamin Marshalsay 1782 William Benjamin Marshalsay 1817 Grace Marshallsay 1819
Benjamin Marshallsay 1821 Sarah Catherine Marshalsay 1824 Catherine Marshalsay 1826
William Alexander Marshalsay 1828 Samuel Thomas Marshalsay 1830 Mary Ann Marshalsay 1834
Emily Marshallsay 1849 William Alexander Marshallsay 1852 Arthur Benjamin Marshallsay 1855
Matilda Mary M Marshallsay 1875 Louise Alexander Marshallsay 1876 William Alexander Marshallsay 1878
Lilian Beatrice Marshallsay 1879 May Marshallsay 1880 Lilian Maud Marshallsay 1902

Marshallsay name meaning

This very rare and unusual name has its origins in the occupational name "Marshall", from the Middle English "maresc(h)al" and "mareschalcie", describing the office of the marshall. Originally the marshall was a man who looked after horses, a farrier, but by the 13th Century, the name also described one of the most important servants in every great household, and in the royal household a high official of state. In the 18th Century "marshallcy" was used to describe the military force under the command of a marshall and a court, (abolished in 1849) known as the "Marshallsey" was held by or for the knight marshall, originally for the purpose of hearing cases between the king's servants. Most of the instances of the name are recorded in Dorsetshire, the earliest with the spelling "Marshallsay" being in 1763, in Chickerell. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Henry Marshalsay, which was dated January 31st 1744 (marriage to Ann Lilly at All Saints church, Dorchester), during the reign of King George 11, "The Last Warrior King", 1727 - 1760.