The Passells Family

A Family History

The Passells so far

This section of the web site contains information about some members of the Passells (Parcels) family.

Passells (Parcels) was the family name of one of my maternal great, great grandmothers.

At present the information only goes back to William Parcels born around 1788 in Portsmouth. William is a 4x great grandfather.

There are now included links to the few details that I have found on the families of some of the female members of the Passells. Below is a list of the family names involved:

Allan, Beer, Hollings, Maxwell, Simmons and Treleaven.

Others will be added as I find them, but some are proving to be quite elusive at present.

I have used the following convention throughout the site:

 Those people whose names are in bold Red text on their individual page I believe are those in my direct ancestral line.

William Parcels 1788 Sarah Jane Parcells 1810 Angelina Parcells 1815
Edward Parcells 1817 George King Passells 1820 Caroline Parcells 1822
George Passells 1843 William Passells 1844  
John Passells 1847 Emma Passells 1851 Richard Passells 1852
Rosina Passells 1854 Edward Passells 1855 Matilda Passells 1858
Alfred Passells 1860 Frederick Passells 1863 Kate Passells 1867
Emma Treleaven 1868 Helen Elizabeth Passells 1868 Emily Kate Passells 1869
Henry William Treleaven 1870 Minnie Ellen Passells 1873 Richard George Passells 1874
Kate Matilda Treleaven 1875 Charles J Passells 1876 Edward Victor Passells 1877
Rosina Alice Treleaven 1877 Arthur E Treleaven 1878 George William Passells 1878
Arthur Gillies Passells 1879 Arthur John Treleaven 1879 Lillian Emma Passells 1879
Bessie Florence Passells 1881 Harry Archibald Passells 1882 Lancelot Alfred Passells 1882
Lyndhurst Murray Maxwell 1883 Lilian Grace Passells 1883 Reginald George Maxwell 1884
Nellie Passells 1884 Sydney Herbert Passells 1884 Frank Forbes Passells 1885
James Treleaven 1885 Lilly Passells 1885 Florence Treleaven 1886
Harry Archibald Passells 1887 May Florence Passells 1887 Frederick Passells 1888
James Victor Beer 1890 William John Passells 1890 Alexander Cevander Passells 1891
Ethel Treleaven 1891 Daisy Beer 1893 Charles GK Treleaven 1893
Helen Beer 1894 Daisy Passells 1894 Edith Mary B Allan 1895
Emily Beer 1895 Stanley Victor Passells 1895  
Arthur Durrell Allan 1899 Jack Leslie Passells 1899 Vera Kathleen Allan 1901
Cyril Ernest Simmons 1901 Percival Frank Simmons 1902 Gladys Passells 1903
Stanley George Passells 1903 Keith Charles Passells 1904 Violet Passells 1904
William Victor Passells 1904 Francis John Passells 1905  
Marguerite Violet Passells 1906 Elsie May Hollings 1907 Gwendoline Maud Simmons 1907
Ellen Rosea Passells 1908 Victor Lancelot Passells 1908 Freda Mollie Mare Passells 1909
Richard Charles Passells 1909 Violet Daisy Hollings 1910 Ivy Beatrice K Passells 1910
Alice May Passells 1911 Frederick J Passells 1911 George E Passells 1911
  Winifred L Hollings 1913     Alfred William Passells 1913
Frederick A Passells 1913 Dorothy Kathleen Passells 1914 Joseph Harry Passells 1917
Joan L Passells 1919 Joyce Yvonne Passells 1923 Leslie C Passells 1927
Joyce F Passells 1929 Zena Kathleen Passells 1932 Avril M Passells 1934

Passells name meaning

Unfortunately this appears to be another one of those names that has not as yet been researched, so no meaning currently available - unless of course you know differnetly, in which case I would be extremely grateful to hear what it is.