The Prynn Family

A Family History

The Prynns so far

The pages in this section of the website are dedicated to the Prynn family.

Most of the information in this section has been supplied by Lou from Hertfordshire and Peter Lane, many thanks to both of them for the valuable information they have supplied.

The people listed below are those who are related to one of my paternal great grandmothers Mary Ellen Williams Prynn.

Hopefully the information contained on the pages related to the links below is accurate. However if you do notice any discrepancies or have any further information I would be grateful if you could use the contact link on the relevant page and I will endeavour to correct/add as necesssary at the earliset opportunity.

I have used the following convention throughout the site:

Red text - those people I believe are in my direct ancestral line.

    Robert Prynn 1693
William Prynn 1716 John Prynn 1738 William Prynn 1739
Josepha Prynn 1740 Samuel Prynn 1742 Jane Prynn 1750
Richard Prynn 1776 Elizabeth Prynn 1768 Samson Prynn 1775
William Prynn 1781 Jane Prynn 1800 Mary Prynn 1802
Catharine Prynn 1804 Catharine Prynn 1806 Thomas Prynn 1807
William Prynn 1809 Luke Prynn 1811 John Prynn 1814
Elizabeth Prynn 1816 Robert Prynn 1819 Fanny Prynn 1821
Frances Prynn 1824 Almyra Lukes Prynn 1839 Elizabeth Prynn 1841
Johnson Prynn 1843 Frances Jane Prynn 1845 Wilhelmina Prynn 1846
Ellen Prynn 1849 Phillip Prynn 1852 Charles Prynn 1855
George Lucas Prynn 1858 William John Prynn 1860 Mary Ellen Williams Prynn 1867

Prynn name meaning

This surname is derived from a nickname.(I). 'Pryne, chief, first' (A.N).

"Hym wyl he holde most pryne"': Halliwell.

The final 'g' in Pring is modern and excrescent; compare Hewling for Hewlin, or Jennings from Jenin.

William Prin, Berkshire, 1273. Hundred Rolls.

John Prynne, or Pryn, 1506: Register of the University of Oxford.

Thomas Pryn, of Swanswicke, Somerset, 1618: Abstract of Somersetshire Wills.

A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames, written: 1872-1896 by Charles Wareing Endell Bardsley

According to a statement in C. S. Gilbert's Cornwall, this family were formerly called Resprynn, and they are supposed to have originated from Resprynn, an estate in the parish of Lanhydrock.

Patronymica Britannica, written: 1838-1860 by Mark Antony Lower