The Stalder Family

A Family History

Georgina Ethel Maud Stalder

Was born on November 9th 1880 at 9 Holloway Street, Landport Portsea Island in the County of Southampton. Her mother Harriet was the Informant and her fathers Rank or Profession was Naval Pensioner, James L Childs was the Registrar.

During the 1881 census on 3rd April Georgina [4 months]  was living with her parents George [37] a Pensioner (Naval) and Harriet [30] Formerly a Laundress at 9 Holloway Street, Portsea, Portsea Island, Hampshire along with her siblings Ann [9] and Madda [2].

On 5th April 1891 during the census Georgina EM was livving with her uncle Frederick Martin Pearce [32] a Skilled Hand Driller and aunt Mary J Pearce [26] and cousin Frederick J Pearce [2] in Staunton Street, Portsea, Portsea Island, Hampshire.

Georgina Ethel Maud possibly died during 1896.

Family Connections


George Stalder

Harriet Smith